LeRan is more than happy to serve you in your non-business life as well. Every single one of us in business is a human being who has his own life with many occasions you care about.

As we care about your business we care about your family gatherings, which you want to capture on camera or camcorder. We care about the moment as it is because it will never happen again.

We’ll create a full video, videoclip or photos from weddings, christening, graduation ceremonies or other family gatherings. We’ll gladly plan your portrait photoshooting just for fun. Believe me you will be very happy you’ve done it in a couple of years.

All of the mentioned services are available to buy as a gift voucher for your loved ones.


Services we provide for individuals

Professional photography:

wedding photography

portrait photography

baby photography

aniversary photography

Videoclips and video recordings:

music videos

wedding videos

wedding recordings



Canvas prints:

from our gallery


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