Websites and e-shops

A website or webpage is your first contact with potential clients you don’t even know about. Moreover it is most common way of getting in touch with you. Therefore every company should make it attractive and practical.

In LeRan Studio we offer sophisticated system of websites, system drag and drop, where administration environment looks almost identically as the users environment. So if you can work in any text editor, for example MS word, then you’ll have no problem with drag and drop system.

Except of professional webdesign we provide complexity of services, web domains registration, webhosting, SEO optimization, video, photography, design, graphic banners, social media, newsletters and 24 hour support.

What makes a quality website?

When the website:

Has simple intuitive control
Has a nice pleasant design
Is visually attractive
It sells
Contains quality photos
contains high quality videos
is optimized for search engines
has a quality unique content
interconnects with other websites
is regularly updated
contains links to your social networks

And why should I choose LeRan Studio?


Professional equipment


Quality postproduction




Empathy & fairness