Online marketing cannot be without website and website cannot work without a web domain. It is something like a home for your website.


What is a domain?


Domain is a unique name which defines some resource on internet, for example a website i.e. www.leranstudio.com. A domain can contain 63 signs containing letters (a-z), numbers (1-9) and hyphenate. Hyphenate cannot be at the beginning or at the end.

With registering your domain you automatically get email addresses with same name and ending, i.e.: Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovacími robotmi. Na jej zobrazenie potrebuješ mať nainštalovaný JavaScript.


How to choose a right web domain?


When choosing a domain you should think of simplicity and memorability, but also market you want to do a business in. If you want to do business in your country only, it’s better to have your countries domain ending eg .sk, if you want to operate in the whole of Europe the domain ending .eu is recommended and if you want to go even further you should use .com domain ending.


Why I should register a domain name with LeRan Studio?

A domain name belongs exclusively to you

We offer an advantageous web hosting with it

Support for email accounts also

Automatic web domain extension/renewing

We help you with registrant change

Solving functional difficulties

Possibility restoring a domain from quarantine


Services for your domains


Domain parking – We take care of your domain. It is safe with us when in use and when redirected.

Domain transfer – We can help you with a domain transfer on our reliable server so you can also enjoy the advantages of our web hosting

Operation of domain on your DNS – if you decide to park your domain without our hosting it is no problem

Operation of your domain with our hosting – we take care of your domain on our servers and our optimal webhosting will guarantee you a trouble free work online

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How to register a domain?


Choose a domain name

Check your domain name availability

Choose a webhosting or domain parking

Fill up the order

Pay the deposit received short after order sending

Domain is registered right after the deposit is received by us

Now you can fully enjoy the advantages of an online world. Don’t forget that there are 644 millions of websites so if you want to succeed, we will be happy to assist you with an attractive, modern presentation on internet, the whole process of creating a webpage, web design, online marketing, video marketing and photography.