Viral video

Guerilla marketing goes hand in hand with viral video. It is one of the many ways and most of the time the most effective one.

Digital age brings advantages and disadvantages, and this is one of the advantages, which you can use for your benefit with our help. We are bursting with ideas and we love to get things done, watch the campaign progress with numbers, which means real income for you and real success for us.

Viral video as a part of guerilla marketing is a low-cost advertisement, which can reach a huge audience. If you want to reach this huge audience in a classic way It would cost a fortune.

In a viral video the idea and concept is crucial. It is a form of online marketing which can be a total breakthrough. It is fair to mention that viral video can be pretty risky too, because you always gain fans and opponents and the more visible and successful the campaign is the more opinions and feedbacks you get. It depends on what is the big majority and what do you dare to go for.


How do we create a viral video for you?

Analysis (target, strengths, target audience, specifications)
Themes (we’ll make for you 2-3 scripts which will be customized accordingly)
Script + Storyboard